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Forests for tomorrow (FFT)

2007 - Present

Erafor Forestry has been working for the FFT program in the Prince George Timber Supply Area (TSA) since 2007.  The FFT program was established to address areas of under-stocked forest crown land due to wildfires and the mountain pine beetle.  The aim is to improve the future timber supply and increase resiliency in areas affected by these large-scale disturbances through reforestation.  

Under the FFT program, Erafor Forestry has overseen all aspects of reforestation in a variety of geographical environments.  Beginning with the aerial surveys to determine possible treatment areas, to on the ground reconnaissance surveys, the completing of treatment plans, to the layout of treatment areas, the site preparation supervision, the overseeing of planting and quality checks, to regeneration and stand tending surveys, to finally declaring these areas as Free Growing.

Land Based Investment- Fertilization program


The Fertilization Program was established through British Columbia's Land Based Investment Strategy and aims to mitigate mid-term timber supply by increasing the merchantable volume of coniferous timber.

Erafor Forestry has been overseeing the fertilization program for the Prince George Timber Supply Area (TSA) since 2011.  During this time, we have completed all aspects of fertilization implementation, from aerial surveys, to coordinating and interpreting foliar analysis, completing treatment plans and fertilization assessments, to implementing the fertilizer application.

forest enhancement society of british columbia (FESBC)


Erafor Forestry has been working for the FESBC program in the Prince George Timber Supply Area since 2017.  The FESBC aims to advance environmental and resource stewardship of British Columbia's forests by mitigating and preventing wildfires, improving low value forests and wildlife habitat, and treating forests to manage for greenhouse gases.

In this time, Erafor Forestry has worked with FESBC on the BC Forest Carbon Initiative, including fertilization and treatment prescriptions for wildfire damaged stands, as well as wildfire risk reduction projects.

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